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Key benefits : for publishers

Compensate for diminishing ad revenues

Have an alternative revenue source to compensate for diminishing returns from digital advertising revenues as Google and Facebook strengthen their duopoly.

Monetize fragmented readership

Bundling up with complementary publishers incentives fragmented readers to subscribe.

Brand retention

Avoid brand devaluation that results from participating in news aggregators that white label content while potentially creating their monopoly.

Subscriber ownership

Tumello gives publishers a full-view into their reader’s data, e.g. key identifiers such as email addresses, age, engagement attributes, etc.

360 degrees monetization

Monetize more than just news articles. Tumello allows the monetization of contents such as editorial cartoons, comment boards, interactive articles, etc.

Monetization across all your channels

Monetize your content across all your channels (e.g. mobile, app, etc.) without the need for a third-party control channel/platform/ecosystem.

Equitable remuneration

Publishers are remunerated based on reader engagement.

Let's build this together

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