Our Vision, Mission, and Values
  1. Our Vision
    1. We envision a world where people are better connected to what matters most to them.
  2. Our Mission
    1. To fulfil our vision, we strive to empower our customers by making content that matters most to them easily discoverable, accessible, and consumable.
  3. Our Value
    1. Happy and satisfied customers are our surest revenue source and our most convincing salespeople.
    2. Our employees are our most valuable asset; as such, we strive to offer them an enjoyable, challenging, and intellectually stimulating environment that fosters growth and personal development.
    3. We strive to provide a fair return on investment for our shareholders.
    4. We use our resources – such as, but not limited to, human, financial, and technological resources – to make a positive contribution in the communities in which we operate.